Freitag, 10. Mai 2013

Flames of War - Historical Scenario - Battle of Stuppach (Kampfgruppe Dirnagel vs Elements of 3rd US Army) - The Area and Battlefield Map

Any scenario needs a battlefield. To give you a better overview about the surrounding area of the Town of Stuppach we will take a look here:

Stuppach is located in  Baden-Württemberg. Kampfgruppe Dirnagel moved from Munich to the north. The county district is "Bad Mergentheim".

The area is surrounded by roling hills. In 1945 approx 8000 people were living in Stuppach:

Roling hills dominate the area...

River "Tauber":

Our Battlefield Map:

Red indicates hills
Blue indicates River "Tauber"
Black indicates Streets
Houses should be more like Barns and Farms

Germans deploy within the city boundaries.
US deploy on the western edge facing town.

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