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Short wrap up of 2012 - and what the future will bring in 2013

Before finishing up the "Comrade to Comrade" tutorial I first want to thank you all for participating in this blog, Reading it and hopefully find something useful in here for you.

2012 for me was quite an exciting year. First of all I started completely as a newbie into wargaming with all the tries and errors involved. My first miniatures were by Warhammer "High elves" from the "Island of Blood" set which I bought first. Not knowing what would evolve out of this.

The first steps for me were to paint that bloody elves over and over again as improving all the time. By now I still have plenty of these box miniatures left to paint and currently am thinking about of selling them of. Developement or not ?

After trying out plenty of stuff during my first holidays of the year I changed a bit more into that terrain building stuff. The first steps are always the most difficult to learn. Wrappings in cardboard, Styrodur that melts with paint spray are just only a few examples of what happens when you are not knowing or experienced enough.

Considering now and that I am still taking on more difficult stuff all way long I am pleased on what I now get out of my mind and to the board. I was extremely happy when someone told me during our Rangers experience here in Cork that the ruined house I did to him looked like being bought from a normal reseller. That really was a boost again to get such a great feedback

This blog, since opening its virtual doors here, now has more than 5000 visitors already by approx 80 Posts which makes approx 62 Readers on each contributed article. Thank you all for that !

What did I do (and I guess some of you have asked yourself if there is some real life back in me after all the october and november blogging stuff....with heavy terrain building):

On the painting side:
I would count approx 500 Figures (including vehicles , tanks, miniatures etc...) to what I have painted up since april 2012. This includes Flames of War, Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40k, Napoleonics and some freelancing models normally used in other games, but which I liked so much from the pictures of the webpages they appeared on that I had to get my hands on them.

I only attended one event which was the Rangers Programm event a couple of weeks back and which I organised. To the rest I could not make it. Mostly personal stuff regarding a serious health situation with my family back in Germany

This Blog:
80 Postings and there are two sister blogs as well (one for the napoleonics and one for the warhammer world). So the overall amount of postings is well beyond 100 pieces and the number in total of visitors exceeds 6000 people. Wow again.

New friends:
Might sound a bit strange to you while reading this, but I am also talking to real ppl , meet real ppl and guess what ... also email real ppl. New friends does include you ! You who is reading this blog on a regular basis (hi!) or discovers it new ... or simply mailed me comments etc.. Thank you again !

And now for the announcements of 2013:

As you might have noticed it got a bit more quite here at present. Reason were my holidays as well as the preperations I am currently doing on some new ideas.

January 2013 :
The year will start with the finishing of my preperations. This month also will see on this blog a modular tileset of terrain. Currently I visited my DIY shop and ordered the tiles. This modular terrain set will enable you (and me) to play small scale games by 2 foot by 2 foot (and will be extendable to the final size of 4 by 6 foot)

This will probably be a feature I will along through the whole year to finish up a complete 4 by 6 foot table which is totally modular. Inspiration I got while watching a couple of youtube videos on terrain building. So it will be one tile per month appearing on this blog including of course a WIP, Tutorial on what to do, Materials used etc...As each tile will be 1 by 1 foot there is plenty of work to be done to finish it up. So hope to see you here again !

Cheers ! A happy christmas to all of you and yours !


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