Montag, 10. Dezember 2012

Flames of War - (Tutorial) - From Comrade to Comrade (Soviet Objective Marker) -Part 1

Hi all !

This seems to get my favourite objective marker. After unboxing the PSC Soviets in Summer uniform and assembling them the box left me with quite some more Kommisars left to build up and which I normally can not use somethere else at present.

After building objective markers back in october I figured out that I do not have one for the soviets and that needed to change.

Materials used:
- Leftover Kommisar from PSC sprue
- Beermatt as the base (cut to fit a large base)
- 1 matchstick
- wire (used in the follow up post)
- old doorstopper I could not use any longer

As this gets a statue it is a bit more on higher ground. This will be our doorstopper. The two used metal pieces will be our steps to highlight the statue.

Glue them on the base with the larger one going first. Be careful, superglue needed here. The smaller one fits perfect in the middle again and with that we attach also the rubberthing of the doorstopper.

Assemble the "Kommisar" as this will get our Comrade Stalin and glue him on top of the rubber.

Next step is to cut four even pieces from the matchstick as a surrounding part as a statue will be protected by some wire element.

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