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Flames of War - unboxing - Plastic Soldier Company Russians in Summer uniform vs Battlefront Strelkovy Platoon

Hei all,

its been a while since my last post, but as life goes on and I still had to many holidays left at company I considered using the time abroad.

From my travels I grapped up a box of PSC "Russians in Summeruniform" which I now call my own. After considering for a while how Battlefront will go on I guess it will be time for them to focus more on the eastern front in upcoming releases as the western one seem to be quite sucked out now.

PSC Box comes along with 5 sprues of plastic soldiers. Each sprue contains one Kommissar and different other soldiers as well as a female one included. A plus here against Battlefront is that approx half of the sprue contains parts which you have to glue together. Why a plus ? The answer is easy enough as you get a bit more variety against the static plastic or metal castings of Battlefront.

PSC - Battlefront 1:0

What PSC does not provide are bases which normally are included in the Battlefront products. You either have to buy them seperatly or build them yourself as I did with a beermatt. At least the last method does not cost anything at all. Otherwhise you need to go and buy some bases again.

PSC - Battlefront 1:1

Regarding the box itself I will get approx 139 figures with the PSC Box. Thats quite much ! Considering that the strelkovy platoons always go for manpower this whole box brings you up to more than 3 times the amount of soldiers which you will get with a Battlefront blister (compared to Battlefront SU702) or have 7 figures less then the Battlefront Box "Udarny Strelkovy Batalon (SBX02)". This also raises the question of costs. Regarding the PSC Box I paid 21,12 Euro and compared to SU702 (one blister approx 14,28 Euro) and SBX02 (one box approx 50,40 Euro) I safed a lot of money. I could get more than double the amount of soldiers if I would spend in PSC then to the SBX02 box.

PSC - Battlefront 2:1

Talking about the contents. The blisters of Battlefront use quite old moulds and often you have to rework figures so that they at least look human again. The sprues of PSC do not even have a visible mould line to me which safes my time and my nerves.

PSC - Battlefront 3:1

Contents and service all know that if you buy a blister of Battlefront there rarely is any hint on how to paint the models you bought or any sort of assembly guide which might get you into troubles if you go along for more complex armour or guns. PSC box on the back provides you with a hint on what colours to use. As Battlefront also uses Vallejo the guys of PSC have a Vallejo Colour code on it. For the sake to comparision they also placed two pictures of finished models on the back side. A folded paper in the box explains how to assemble the contents. Thats handy and still leaves you with options.

PSC - Battlefront 4:1

I normally go with Battlefront blisters and miniatures but this experiment will leave my soviet army with PSC. Measurements are equal to the Battlefront miniatures so that no one will really find out what is what except for the above mentioned parts regarding the mould and the weight of a base. I hope to get my hands then on some tanks and anti-tank guns soon as this experiment really turned out good for me. I got three platoons of strelkovy to field including a command for more than half of the prize I would have paid with Battlefront.
Also PSC provides much more information on e.g. painting the miniatures which safes a lot of time on your own research. We want to play Battlefront and not to research on what to paint !

Clear winner by points: Plastic Soldier Company

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