Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

Happy... new stuff on the way

Ahhh I am so happy. Just got the email that my new Flames of War Stuff is on the way. YEAHHH !!!

Very high recommendation to :

Stuff that comes my way includes:

1 Stk     BFGE889          Sturmbannfurher Fritz Biermeyer -with Panzer Ace d
1 Stk     BFGBX10          Panzer IVH Platoon (GBX10)
1 Stk     BFGE241          Sd Kfz 251-1D 10D (3,7cm) (GE241)
2 Stk     BFGE168          Sd Kfz 7-1 (Quad 2cm gepanzert) (GE168)
3 Stk     BFGE071          Tiger I E -Zimmerit- (GE071)                     
1 Stk     BFGE603          Bergepanther (recovery tank) (GE603)

that enables me nearly to play all sorts of german forces described in Grey Wolf !

Now I am eagerly awaiting the new handbook on the last assault on the Ardennes.

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