Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Flames of War - Gunpits out of rice corns

Heia fellows... just tried out something new. Everyone else was about that gunpits and entrenchment stuff for Flames of War. Never ever bothered myself with buying the modeling clay or greenstuff and searched for a cheap alternative....

Found it ! Simple rice which you can buy in any store and possibly have at home yourself.

Try this step-by-step gun pit.

Step 1
First of all start along with sketches.. how will or shall it look like ? Take the measurements from a large artillery base and work around:

(Picture curtesy of Battlefront Miniatures / Flames of War, Picture taken for measurement purposes).

Step 2

Starting with a Balsa wood base I layered simple rice corns over the Balsa until I had the right shape.

Step 3

Start watering the rice so that it fills with water. It will "blow up" a bit and press it in shape ! Now you can additionally add some stowage (e.g. Stowage pack by Battlefront) bits as though they were the support for the bunker wall. Repeat until you have a line of ‘Sandbags’. 

Step 4

Once dry, I left it over night, I sprayed it black. 

Step 5

Finally Dry-brush the gun pit in shades to match your gaming table

Voila! Finished in no time at all and you can use the same principle for any type of trench / bunker or defensive position. Go on - have a go!

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