Freitag, 27. Dezember 2013

Flames of War - Zveda - SDKFZ 222 (Reviewed)

After all... christmas is finally over and I had plenty of time for miniatures again.... So after my personal more positive experience with one of the ZVEDA Kits (Katyushia Rocket launcher), I also got 3 Boxes of the German Sd Kfz 222.

Compared to Battlefront:

Price: Battlefront charges quite much for one SD Kfz 222 (approx 9 Euros for one). The Zveda one comes across with 2,50 Euro. Thats quite a plus. The two sprues in the box contains everything to get a closed one, but leaves no option for an open one as the BF one probably does.

Assembly: The assembly is easy. A small paper folder explains easy what to do and what not. The best thing here is you can build the KfZ without the need of ANY glue. It simply sticks together as it should. Fantastic and easy to go. The BF needs superglue to stick together properly. I always find that quite unhandy as I always glue my own fingers to the model :)

The looks:

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