Dienstag, 10. Dezember 2013

Flames of War - Tutorial - Painting up 78 Sturm Division Heavy Platoon from leftovers

Sturm Heavy Platoon

The history behind here is also quite funny.. at the start of my FoW career I accidently bought these 2 MG42 HMG and painted them up. Misunderstanding that for 1.15 Euros I only got a stand and not the full platoon.. at least they now find a useful place.

The CmD SMG Team is from the Skytex range and leftovers which I did not use.
Both 8cm GW34 are also Skytex and normally based for my Bolt Action 15mm range.. now they fit perfectly here into my Sturm Heavy Platoon... lets get them painted and primed first :))

So this means repainting, rebasing etc.... but lets do it....

1 Cmd SMG Team
2 MG42 HMG
1 Observer Rifle Team
2 8cm GW34 Mortars

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