Freitag, 27. September 2013

New pieces finished painting. Russian SU-85 and a terrain bridge

This one is a leftover from my last month and I am fine with finally finishing it as the first two models for october. Jesus... time passes by really fast.

I am really pleased to say that this was a quite uncomplicated model. A bit glueing and then straight to the priming.

So enjoy:

Manufacturer: Battlefront
Plastic/Metal: Metal (with plastic tracks)
Miniatures: 2  (each blister contains one miniature and offers different options)
Scale: 15mm

As with this swollen backlog from September I need to paint faster or more miniatures at the same time. Pressure is on me here.

This bridge is from resin and was an ebay auction that I won. It fits perfect to 6mm up to 15mm. Love the outcome:

Terrain: Bridge
Scale : 6mm to 15mm
Manufacturer: unknown


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