Samstag, 28. September 2013

Flames of War - New additions -

Battlefront - 15mm - German -Tank Hunter Teams (GE773) with Von Der Heydte, Fallschirmjägerkompanie


While traveling to Cork today I turned up at the "Other realms" Store and got a shock. Someone simply tried to paint the starter box and all I could figure out was that this was a job NOT done. Everything looked simply out of place and either dark green or dark yellow. Plastic Soldiers by Revell look like that if you unbox them... so I went home to do it better....

This time painted: Tank Hunter Teams (GE773) with Von der Heydte, Fallschirmjäger Germans

Manufacturer: Battlefront
Plastic/Metal: Metal
Scale: 15mm
Number of Miniatures: 19

Battlefront - 15mm - Soviet DShK HMG on Truck (SU162)

Still with todays shock I also worked on my soviet DShK HMG on Truck (SU162) and finished it...

Manufacturer: Battlefront
Plastic/Metal : Metal - Truck is made of resin
Scale: 15mm
Number of Miniatures: 4 and one truck (4th mini is the truck driver)


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