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Flames of War - Armylist - Germany - SS-Panzerkompanie (SS Tank Company)

Hi all,

after all painting and building stuff some ppl asked me on how one of my armies actually look like.

Taking a look into "Atlantik Wall" starting page 184 you will find the SS-Panzerkompanie  (SS Tank Company).

Here we have a Fearless Veteran unit:

SS-Panzerkompanie HQ
2 Panther A    - 425 Points

Combat Platoons:
SS-Panther Platoon with 3 Panther A - 640 Points

Gepanzertes SS-Panzergrenadier Platoon with 3 Panzergrenadier Squads - 260 Points
Replace Command MG Team with Command Panzerfaust SMG              -   10 points
Replace one MG Team with a Panzerfaust MG Team                                -   10 points

Weapons Platoons:
SS-Panzer Anti Aircraft Gun Platoon with 2 Flakpanter 38 (t) - 90 Points

Support Platoons:
Light SS-Panzerspähplatoon with 1 Panzerspäh Patrol - 105 Points
(in this case I swapped Command SD KfZ 223 radio with an Sd KfZ 222)

Corps Support (Confident/Veteran):
Amoured Rocket Launcher Battery with 3 Panzerwerfer 42 - 165 Points

Total Points: 1705
Number of Platoons: 6

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